Pro-Liberty Candidates

Here are the candidates I endorse based on their commitment to God, Liberty, and Conservative values.

Tom Toby - Former Firefighter for New Ha

County Commissioner

Tom Toby

Tom Toby is the only County Commissioner candidate I encourage you to vote for in the GOP primary! He is the only true conservative!

I am advocating for "single shot" voting for the NHC Commissioner race. Although, you can vote for two, it is better if you vote for Tom Toby only. This will improve his chances of making it through the primary. It will boost his numbers without boosting other candidates' numbers.


If you want any details on why I do not support the others, I will be happy to provide.

I have been super impressed with Tom. He is NOT a politician. He is fed up with the current state of affairs and has risen to the occasion to stand up for the people. Tom has a strong faith in God, love for America, and commitment to the constitution.


He has been very active over the past year fighting against mask and vaccine mandates. He is in the citizen academy with the Sheriff's office and is working to understand what is needed to end gangs, drug and human trafficking in NHC.

Pat headshot.webp

Board of Education

Pat Bradford

Pat is awesome!! She is a woman of God first and foremost. But, she is also an entrepreneur, business owner, child advocate, and fierce defender of freedom. She has attended and spoke at virtually every Board of Education, County Commissioner, and Health and Human Services Board meeting over the past 2 years to get masks off the children (and everyone!) 

Board of Education

Josie Barnhart

Josie is an excellent candidate for School Board and I am thankful she is running. She is a former Math teacher and a mom of 3 small kids. She is passionate, hard-working and respectful in everything she does. She has been very active over the past 2 years to get kids back in the classroom and mask free. She is also passionate about improving the quality of education for the kids and improving math literacy!


Board of Education

Melissa Mason

Melissa is a mother of two, an educator, and a Christian Conservative. She is pro-liberty and pro-parental rights. She is passionate about restoring integrity and honesty and improving student safety. 

Board of Education

Pete Wildeboer

Pete is the only Conservative incumbent. He is a former educator and principal and is currently a preacher!  Pete will work with the new slate of conservative candidates to make positive changes for our kids.



Matt Rhodes

Matt Rhodes' focus is to stop the drug trafficking and all that goes with it. He plans to make the school system safe by getting the gangs out of the schools. He also plans to background teachers and all staff who work within the school system.   There will be no more sexual assault in the schools. He believes that civil rights are being infringed upon in New Hanover County and this violates the constitution.  No mask or vaccine mandates. He will not enforce red flag laws and will support the rights of law-abiding citizens to have a firearm for personal protection. 

US House of Representatives

Max Southworth-Beckwith

Our incumbent (David Rouzer) is running for his 5th term for Congress, this being the 3rd consecutive term running unopposed in the Republican Primary. While Rouzer and Max share a number of views, such as the importance of preserving North Carolina's beach re-nourishment programs, they vary on a few key issues. More importantly, Max feels that for the good of the Republic no candidate should go unchallenged in their primary: Competition breeds betterment.​ Max believes in term limits and feels our incumbent has been in the House of Representatives long enough. Term limits will be one of the first bills Max will introduce when he gets to Congress.


I totally agree! Go Max!


US Senate

Kenneth Harper

Kenneth Harper is the REAL DEAL! I have been VERY impressed with him. He is a man of GOD. Some in the GOP establishment do not like him and have actively been working to thwart his campaign. If the man is getting attacked this hard, you know he is doing something right!

Check him out and give him your full support!

Sample Ballot with Recommendations