Should we fire Dr. Foust as NHCS Superintendent?

I received the following information in an email signed "Concerned New Hanover County parents, educators, and community members". It has some very interesting information!

Check it out, share and let me know your thoughts!

Well done concerned parents, educators, and community members!

Concerning the recent Fire Foust petition and subsequent media coverage of the NHCAE, I wanted to share a timeline of information and connect the dots about who has been controlling the narrative surrounding public school education in New Hanover County. The objective of our schools SHOULD be helping students achieve high academic goals. Instead, our objective has shifted. Our standards have lowered in the name of equity. We have replaced merit in the name of diversity. In the name of inclusion, we have trampled on parental rights. And now the same ones who have controlled all the narratives mentioned above have shifted their focus to ousting our superintendent. Why? Because he isn't doing their bidding. Enjoy the light reading of the attached pdf. Sincerely, Concerned New Hanover County parents, educators, and community members

Fire Foust
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